Ragi / Finger Millet Snack

Ragi is a good source of iron, fiber, calcium and protein.It is a safer food for diabetics. Its a healthy food especially for babies and for people who are weak and ill.

For this snack you need

2 cups of Ragi
1 cup of Channa Dal flour
1 tsp of Garlic flakes
1 tsp chilli powder
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp of hing
2 tsp of unsalted butter
Oil for deep frying


In a pan mix ragi ,channa dal flour, chilli powder, hing , garlic and salt . Melt the butter and add to this.

Add water, mix it well and mould it to a soft dough (the consistency to pass through a murukku presser).

Heat oil in a pan.Now with the help of the murukku mould,press the dough in the oil and  fry it. Remove it from the pan when you feel crispy. Drain them in a paper towel to remove the excess oil .

Store it in an air tight container.

Enjoy the tasty, crispy, homemade ragi murukku...............

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Sanghi said...

Yummy new dish aruna!