Saudi Champagne

A non-alcoholic carbonated drink , quick and easy to prepare. A very popular drink in Saudi Arabia served in almost all  the restaurants :-)

For this champagne you need

1 bottle of apple juice
7 up.
1 apple
1 orangle
A handful of fresh mint leaves


Slice the apples into small pieces
Slice the oranges.
Mix  the soda and 7 up with the apple juice in a huge glass jug and garnish them with sliced apples , oranges and mint leaves.

Serve with ice cubes...

Saudi Champagne is ready :-)

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Aruna Manikandan

I am a passionate cook and love to experiment various cuisines , in my kitchen. This blog is my humble attempt to register a copy of recipes that I learn and try . Feel free to experiment with my recipes and adjust accordingly to suit your taste and requirements.Hope you enjoy :)


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