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My CityCuisine. org : A Wiki Project

Few days ago, I received a mail about an interesting  wiki project  called “My City Cuisine". The aim of this project is to help travelers discover local dishes from all over the world.  Food is an integral part of the local culture ,so naturally tasting local food is high on most traveler's to-do list. However until now there has been no single comprehensive source for this information. The MyCityCuisine project aims to fill this void. Please take a look at their site to learn more about their project.


This is an online guide to the most tasty , traditional foods  from different countries all over the world . This site is for those who are interested in tasting local food and  not for someone looking to cook it at home, so recipes aren't required.

It is a wonderful project and they are on the lookout for contributors.So you can also contribute your local cuisine by simply adding them.

 Apart from this you also have priviledge to access some of their features like
  • Correct mistakes in an existing dish description
  • Suggest a new dish to be included
  • Upload a new dish photo
So what are you waiting for? Go Visit to add a dish from your city!!!!
Aruna Manikandan

I am a passionate cook and love to experiment various cuisines , in my kitchen. This blog is my humble attempt to register a copy of recipes that I learn and try . Feel free to experiment with my recipes and adjust accordingly to suit your taste and requirements.Hope you enjoy :)


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  1. looks interesting Aruna. btw,
    You have been tagged in a 7 – links game. Check this link on my blog for more details.
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    New event: Strawberry desserts all this October

  2. Thanks for this bit of information.

  3. sounds good..thanks for sharing Aruna..:)
    I tried your paneer jalfrezi recipe came out awesome..!
    Tasty Appetite

  4. great concept!! thnx for sharing!!nice to meet you!!
    ur happy follower now :)

  5. I agree. Bloggers from all over the world should share their local dishes and recipes to the world. It will be an amazing to learn to cook a foreign delicacy myself.

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