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I know its been a long time  I posted on this blog and thanks to all of you for visting my space eventhough I have not updated. During this huge break  my family grew from three to four and her name is Aaradhana, she is 16 months old and I still can't believe it !!!!!!. Time just flies .

Inorder to take care of my family I had to make a temporary end to this space. Well now as my little one has grown up and I had a little time to spare for myself I am back and thereby you will see some posts in my space now and then.

Wishing  you all a very Happy Valentine's Day .Let me begin with a sweet dish that simply melts in your mouth 


Palkova is a popular dessert which has only two ingredients milk and sugar.Patience is the only important aspect required to prepare this mouthwatering sweet. 

Prep Time         : 5 minutes
Cooking Time  : 2 1/2 - 3 hours
Yield                    : 1 1/2 cups

Ingredients for Palkova
  • 1 1/2 of full fat milk
  • 4 - 5 tbsp. of sugar
  • A pinch of cardamom powder - optional
  • Few Strands of saffron - optional


    Place a heavy bottomed  pan with milk and bring it to a boil under medium flame.

    Now  reduce the flame to medium low and continue boiling . Keep stirring occasionally and remove the solids  that sticks on to the sides of the pan at regular intervals.

    When the milk starts thickening it changes into a pale yellow color. Extra care is needed from this stage since the milk tends to burn very fast . So keep stirring and scrap the milk solids very frequently. 

    At the final stage most of the moisture from the milk will be gone turning it into a thick consistency with a granular texture. Stir it continuously to avoid it getting burnt. Add sugar and cardamom . Mix well. 

    Once the moisture has completely gone , the khoya is ready.

    Turn off the flame and allow the palkova to cool down to room temperature.

    Delicious Palkova is ready to be served..

    Aruna Manikandan

    I am a passionate cook and love to experiment various cuisines , in my kitchen. This blog is my humble attempt to register a copy of recipes that I learn and try . Feel free to experiment with my recipes and adjust accordingly to suit your taste and requirements.Hope you enjoy :)


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