Papaya juice

Papaya juice - Papaya juice is a healthy juice loaded with lots of vitamins and nutrients. This is an exotic fruit with lots of healthy benefits. Papaya can be consumed is different ways. One way is by  eating  as it is and  I prefer this way as it is simple and easier . Second is by adding it in fruit salad. Third way is by preparing juices and smoothies.

As you know children pretty much don't like healthy vegetable or fruits we give them and in my house I have two 🙂. So this juice is a great start for your children to begin , by  including this fruit in their diet.  After drinking this wholesome and energy juice not only the kids ,we also get addicted to it. The colour of this juice is so mesmerizing that the mere sight of it will make us feel refreshing. Now what are you waiting for , go and prepare this wonderful juice and trust me you will just love it 😍

Papaya  Juice 

Recipe Cuisine: Indian |  Recipe Category: Juice
Prep Time:10 mins  |  Serves

An exotic, energetic and a refreshing juice with papaya Papaya Juce Recipe


  •  Medium sized papaya  
  • Sugar as required
  • ice cubes - optional
  • 1/2 cup of lemon juice
  • Mint leaves for garnishing


  1. Wash,peel and slice them into half lengthwise. With the help of a spoon scoop out the seeds from it
  2. Again slice the halved papaya and remove its skin. Cut them to small chunks
  3. In a blender , add the papaya along with sugar  and grind it to a smooth paste.
  4. Now add sufficient water ,lemon juice , ice cubes and blend it again. 
  5. Garnish with few mint leaves and Serve chilled  


  • Make sure the fruit looks ripe and fresh inside
  • You can replace sugar with honey
  • Adjust water until you reach the correct consisitency.

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