TOMATO | THAKKALI KUZHAMBU - This is a simple, delicious and versatile gravy prepared with tomatoes. My family loves any dishes that tastes spicy and hence this is definitely one of our favourite.  The main ingredient is tomatoes and I have used very little amount of tamarind which can be skipped. 
          The texture of the gravy is as same as Kara Kuzhambu only that  differs is the taste , do try out you will definitely enjoy as much as we did. Serve it with mild vegetable poriyal or any Kootu . As I said it as a  versatile gravy it also goes well with idli and dosa. So Lets see how to prepare.

Tomato kuzhambu

Recipe Cuisine: Indian |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 10 mins  |  Cook time:20 mins Serves4 | Author

An easy and tasty gravy with tomatoes.
Tomato Kuzhambu


  • 4 nos. of ripened tomatoes
  • Few garlic cloves
  • Handful of small onions
  • 2 tsp. of tamarind extract
  • 1 1/2 tsp. of sambar powder
  • a small piece of jaggery
  • Salt – As needed

To temper

  • 3- 4 tbsp. of sesame oil
  • 1 tsp, of mustard seed
  • 1/2 tsp. of urad dal
  • 1/2 tsp .of fenugreek seeds
  • A pinch of asafoetida
  • A sprig of curry leaves


  1. Wash the tomatoes well , chop them roughly . Grind them to a puree and keep it aside
  2. Heat a heavy bottomed pan along with the sesame oil
  3. When the oil heats up add the mustard seed, when it splutters add the urad dal along with fenugreek, asafoetida and curry leaves. Saute it for a minute.
  4. Now add the small onion and saute until they turn brownish in colour.
  5. Add the garlic and saute for few minutes.
  6. Pour the tomato puree,tamarind extract along with the sambar powder and mix it well.
  7. Add salt as needed and stir it gently. 
  8. Close the pan and allow it to boil in a medium flame. 
  9. Keep it stirring occasionaly to avoid the gravy getting burned at the bottom and after 10 minutes add jaggery.
  10. Cook until the oil seperates from the gravy.
  11. Delicious and tangy tomato kuzhambu is ready to be served


  • This is a versatile gravy that goes well with rice, Idli or Dosa
  • I prefer using sesame oil as it gives nice flavor to the gravy
  • I have used little amount of tamarind this is optional.

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I am a passionate cook and love to experiment various cuisines , in my kitchen. This blog is my humble attempt to register a copy of recipes that I learn and try . Feel free to experiment with my recipes and adjust accordingly to suit your taste and requirements.Hope you enjoy :)

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