Hello friends, in today's post I am going to share my views and experience with

I hope all are aware of the announcement from Google that they will terminate Feedburner’s email subscription feature from July 2021. 

I was really wondering what service to switch to?

Now by this time, everyone including me must have been in a state of confusion to find an alternate for Google FeedBurner. I received a message from them as a solution. With their excellent email support, I was able to transfer all my subscribers over to their platform with ease and there ends the job. And from now onwards, friends from now on you will be receiving my feeds through

 Why choose Follow. it

  • Free basic plan - for unlimited subscribers 
  • Additional powerful features - for publishers and subscribers
  • Excellent email support

 These three features are sufficient for any blogger or website to choose but apart from this, I am also going to share why they stand unique - let me show you how their additional powerful features are and how I have made use of them in my website.

 The best part is that bloggers can 

Get maximum followers & recurring visitors 

Just look at how they have optimized every step in the funnel for this -

They not only think about the publishers but also what's good for the subscribers. Let's see for example see TechCrunch's feed here -, and click on "Follow" you'll see filters for  feed subscribing option 

Do you wish to see mine? 

Here's my feed: - Don't forget to CLICK FOLLOW

Next coming to the form design for readers to subscribe to our feed. The form design page allows you to create forms as per your wish based on size, color, and text to appear. Once you are done, you can embed the code to your website and your readers can subscribe to your feed by using it.

And you can find mine in the sidebar 

You can also make an e-mail subscription to appear as a popup. -  a service to show cool pop-ups on desktop | tablet | mobile - This is free for all users!

Have a look at my pop up created for desktop and mobile



Most importantly I need to mention that they have clear documentation for all the processes. So what are you waiting for go ahead and join to experience a new way to engage your subscribers.
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